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As of | DITO   Last Trading Price: 0.00   %Change: 0.00   Volume: 0M

Our Business

DITO CME Holdings Corp. (Formerly: ISM Communications Corporation) (“DITO CME”) provides telecommunications, multimedia, and IT services that impact the way people communicate, transact, share information and consume content and data. Through our subsidiaries, we have a far-reaching influence to transform enterprises and the lives of customers and the general public through:

  • Telecommunications
  • Digital Media and Content
  • Managed Analytics
  • Intelligent Lifestyle and Commerce Platforms
  • Enabling Infrastructures

Originally incorporated in 1925 as a mining company, the firm transformed in the early 2000s into ISM Communications Corporation, engaged in information technology, multimedia telecommunications, and other similar industries. The firm obtained the approval of the Securities and Exchange Commission to become a holding company in November 2016, and in March 2020 changed its name to DITO CME Holdings Corporation.

In November 2020, DCME announced its share swap deal with Udenna Corporation, wherein DCME will acquire 100% stake in Udenna’s subsidiary, Udenna CME Holdings Corporation, which co-owns DITO Holdings Corporation, the parent company of DITO Telecommunity. Through this transaction, DCME gained an indirect interest and majority shares in DITO Telecommunity, and became part of the Udenna Corporation, a diversified conglomerate based in Davao City, Philippines, with interests in petroleum, logistics, real estate, retail and food, education, hospitality and infrastructure.

True to its mandate, DITO CME is constantly on the look out for new opportunities, and is equipped with the financial resources to make significant investments for the benefit of its shareholders.