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LUNA HAS LANDED: DITO CME Chairman and CEO Dennis A. Uy (1st row, center), DITO CME President Eric Alberto (1st row, right), DITO CME Chief Operating Officer Donald Lim (1st row, left), together with Cloudswyft Founder and CEO Dann Angelo De Guzman (2ndrow, center), Cloudswyft VP for Business Development Prince Datu, and CloudSwyft Board Director Evan Griffiths, during the Luna Academy contract signing.

DITO CME and CloudSwyft pioneer the first local job-ready upskilling platform for all Filipinos

Jan 12, 2021

Filipinos can now ‘reach for the moon’ in preparing for exciting careers in the new economy with Luna Academy.

Taguig City, Philippines – Dennis A. Uy, Chairman and CEO of DITO CME, and Eric Alberto, President of DITO CME, the communications, media, and entertainment arm of the Udenna Group recently signed a term sheet with CloudSwyft, the first Philippines-based education technology business to go global and represented by Founder and CEO, Dann Angelo De Guzman, to develop and launch Luna Academy

Luna Academy is a Philippines-focused online education platform, initially anchored on job-ready digital skills, that facilitates the timely upskilling of a generation of Filipinos by providing them world-class certifications, preparing them for exciting career opportunities that the new economy will provide in the years and decades ahead. 

“We want all Filipinos to be ready to embrace the rapid changes especially in the realm of technology and digital transformation,” DITO CME Chairman and CEO Dennis Uy said during the signing.

“With Luna Academy, we have found the perfect initiative to do just that. Through this platform, we aim to provide an avenue for affordable and convenient learning, skills training and online certifications that are tailor fit for Filipinos who seek more opportunities to move further forward,” added Uy. 

The partnership between DITO CME and Cloudswft supports the rapidly growing need to upskill working-age Filipinos from all backgrounds.

Eric Alberto said, “One of the cornerstones of DITO CME has always been the desire to be a catalyst in leading Filipinos towards an exciting digital future. Through this venture and through Luna Academy, we expect to provide cost effective access to world-class certifications and diplomas from the world’s leading industry partners such as Microsoft, AWS and Alibaba alongside the most prestigious local universities for our countrymen.” 

“This is a time of great transition,” emphasized Alberto. “We endeavor to launch a range of job-ready courses and certificates to the whole population in the coming months. However, we will not stop there – we are working tirelessly to establish an extensive program that will link all successful learners, should they be interested, to exciting employment and internship opportunities with the leading global and local corporations in the Philippines.”

Dann Angelo De Guzman, added, “The events of 2020 have displaced many Filipinos from full-time employment or have led some to feel uncertain about the long-term prospects for their current careers. We at CloudSwyft are thrilled to introduce Filipinos from all backgrounds access to exciting new career opportunities, promotions and pay rises with world-class future-ready skills and certifications delivered by Luna Academy.” 

He further said the rapid acceleration of future trends – including digitization and the forced adoption of a range of new and emerging technologies have provided Filipinos with a once-in-a-generation opportunity to fast-track their potential career upgrades in the months and years ahead. 

“We believe an online platform like Luna Academy, delivered via world-class technology that provides fair and equal access not just to those in big cities or to those with the financial capacity to take a career break and study full time, and made available and affordable to most Filipinos, is the best way for us to help deliver a more positive future for all,” emphasized De Guzman.

Donald Lim (center) with Dann De Guzman (right) and Prince Datu (left) at Udenna Tower in BGC, Taguig City.

Donald Lim, Chief Operating Officer of DITO CME underscored the importance and value of digital upskilling, and up-schooling, “In the new and emerging economy, there is a strong need for us Filipinos to finally embrace the challenges and see these challenges as opportunities to expand on our competencies as a productive and forward-thinking workforce,” to end.

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