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Unalytics partners with StriKarTech

October 6, 2021

DITO CME Ventures, Inc. has partnered with IT solutions provider StriKarTech to expand the offerings of Unalytics and empower Philippine enterprises to leverage data analytics in the digital era.

Unalytics provides solutions such as enterprise fraud management, anti-money laundering, advanced link analysis, loan early warning signals, identity resolution engine, and customer experience management.

At the virtual ceremonial signing between Unalytics and StriKarTech, DITO CME Holdings president Eric Alberto said enterprises undergoing digital pivot and transformation must adapt to the rapidly changing preferences and behaviors of consumers.

Alberto said this is necessary if companies are to ensure that their businesses are well-protected and are able to manage cyber risks.”

He said enterprises need to build trust and inspire confidence with consumers, especially with the growing threats in the cyber security space.

“This is why data analytics and digital tools are very critical and as these enable businesses to operate confidently and better understand the customers’ needs, allowing deeper engagements and strengthening their trust in what we do,” Alberto said.


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